Hotel Transylvania 3: Ready for Great Vacation

The movie Hotel Transylvania 3 is almost here and we can see this movie this September. Few months ago in CinemaCon, there was a year trade show featuring Hollywood studios displaying their huge upcoming movies in order to allure theater owners which movies they want to book for their screens?

One of the expected stories of this year’s show has been in the area of animated movies, especially the Sony Pictures Animation. They diversify and wish to expand their products with their new franchise from the previous animation to the upcoming projects. They have planned to push any animated movies on the big screen particularly those previous movies which are very popular to gather more profits.

This does mean that few studios will just leave those existing animation franchise in the closet that include movies from popular studio like Hotel Transylvania the first and second sequel. The third sequel in the animated world of the monsters, Hotel Transylvania 3 is here at last for our entertainment. In fact, you can now watch the trailer in the internet and other social media.
For your information, Hotel Transylvania 3 streaming complet vf is among the biggest hit franchise of Sony Picture Animations. The series furthermore marks the biggest current box-office success for Adam Sandler who plays the voice of Count Dracula and indeed, he really sounds good.

Although the actor has placed much of his movies in Netflix \ as part of his contract to this streaming company, Hotel Transylvania movies has been one of the icon animation and well appreciated by the viewers and has been anticipated by fans all over the world. Hotel Transylvania 3 which was confirmed by Sony at CinemaCon can be watched this coming September 2018, the same date Warner Bros. has announced for their upcoming Scooby-Doo remake. We all like these animations but surely it will become a competition. Sony Picture is confident with their animation Hotel Transylvania 3 and vice versa as well with Warner Bros. Scooby- Doo remake. This might be in competition but I’m sure they will be appreciated for their projects and families who are fans of comedy and horror animated movies would love to bring their kids in theater.

Hotel Transylvania 3 features spoof of old school monster movies from different horror characters. Dracula used to work in his far away castle and accommodate monsters in their vacation. While his task is to give the best services for his spooky clients, his daughter who is a mother now and married to a human (not vampire), ask her father to have a vacation in cruise ship to which he agree. It is been a long time that Dracula is lonely and just staying at his castle.

This time around, Dracula and his family is having a vacation while longing to have a date and wants to have another love of his life. He will then get to like a beautiful captain of the cruise ship where they have their relaxation. Nonetheless, this captain who tries to entice Dracula to like her was planning of destroying all the monsters. There is generational issue going on with the lady and Dracula but sooner or later, our guy will have a wife and I think this Hotel Transylvania series will continue as long as Sony Pictures will not stop creating new ideas to entertain their viewers.

Dracula is well accepted now by the humans because they found out that he is not that bad person. In fact he is now a superstar wherever he wants to go but still his life is dedicated to serve that spooky monster. Nonetheless this time around we will be seeing Dracula with his friends having a good life and riding a cruise ship, having a great family and friend’s moment. Expect the fun, laughter, drama and the wonderful story of the movie. Bookmark now and wait for the coming of Hotel Transylvania 3.