The Last Scene in the 100 Season 4

In The 100 Season 4 movie series, Bellamy and Octavia were having a significant conversation on the radio. In their conversation, Bellamy said that they will meet once more to which Octavia also agreed saying that she will wait for that day. While Octavia is now a leader, she was encouraged by Bellamy that she is the hope of her people even though she felt like she is not ready to take the role. They exchange joke for sometimes, but Octavia confessed as well that she loves him. And what’s so ironic is that when Bellamy is about to say that he loves her as well, the communication was cut. Bellamy was so devastated and wishing they will meet again. It is an amazing thing to following the wonderful plot of The 100 all season, especially the current ones.

Going back to Clarke who comes in right after the conversation of Bellamy and Octavia, was informed that the radio is dead and she will not be able to say her goodbye to her mom anymore. And so Clarke’s tears running on her check and cries on the shoulder of Bellamy. And so our guys comforted her and were interrupted as Murphy who approaches them.

The 100 Season 4 Final Scene||First Madi Scene

One of the good things about The 100 movie series is that they can make the action-filled movie into some kind of drama. On the other hand, in Second Dawn Bunker, Indra come to Octavia and gives her a thought that she needs to stand for her people. Doubting Octavia replied that she is not a commander, but Indra continue to encourage her that it is time for her to become the savior or her people and Indra promise to aid here in her leadership. Later, she opens her hands and shows Octavia the emblem which Lexa wore in the past. This emblem is a sign to her people that she is now the new leader.

And so she takes heed to the call and stand before her people with the emblem on her forehead and she addresses everybody inside the bunker. She then gives a huge announcement that Praimfaya is imminent but they will survive and they will rise from the ashes.

On the other hand, Raven, Bellamy, Clarke and the rest of the crew who are in the Becca’s Lab are just steering the radiation destroying Polis via their drone who are giving them feedback. Raven acted and calculated in her mind and must manually dock the ship in the hangar bay. She then tells everyone that they need to take off before the death wave hits in less than 20 minutes. Nonetheless the situation is not on their favor and so later Raven must put a timer before the death wave arrives on their spot.

While Monty and Murphy talks about Jasper’s death, they are as well looking for the oxygenator. Their conversation leads to their fight, but was halted when they discover a huge opening at Becca’s lab and need get out from the place safely. Nonetheless Monty must do something to save themselves but was accidentally exposed his hands to the radiation and begin to burn and was screaming in pain.

Meanwhile, Clarke talks about their food supply when they reach into space along with their crew. As their conversation continues, Clarke then narrates her concerns regarding her mother’s vision but Bellamy doesn’t have any faith about the vision. However, Clarke is happy to hear that Bellamy is on her side until they separated each other with the arrival of Praimfaya. In season 5 they would be reunited and must save their friends. Season 4 has made fans to wait for the Season 5 and it is here. If you want to watch the latest update of The 100 saison 5 streaming movie series just click the link.