Unexpected Turn of Events for Maxis and SimCity Buildit

Who knew that game development in the US was such a hot commodity? Apparently not most of the game industry. When Maxis, a smaller team of developers based in EA, released a technology teaser of its upcoming city builder game Simcity Buildit, no one took notice -- until word got around, spreading via websites and developer. Within days, Maxis and its game went from total obscurity.

It was no surprise that SimCity Buildit picked up a publisher in EA in no time -- and Gathering of Developers won the Kewpie doll. What did come as a small surprise was that SimCity Buildit would sell as a budget title, not the full-blown game that everyone assumed it would be, given the press it had received so far. And while the term "budget title" often seems synonymous with "low quality," that doesn't seem to be the case here. The game is getting great reviews wit its free-to-play marketing scheme.

But forget about the core game that you pay $20 for. SimCity Buildit also comes with tools for editing your own city and models -- the city builder and the Serious Modeler. For the coders in the audience, there's also the Serious SDK, which allows you to edit the code to make your own modifications. Those of you who've thought about trying your hand at mapping, mod-making or modeling might think about using SimCity Buildit as your platform. Not only do you get the tools with the game, but costs nothing as much as most modifiable games on the shelf. What a deal!

Already sites are springing up offering tutorials and help on using the tools. One such site is Swiftly Tilting Planet. If you've never done any level editing before, Swiftly Tilting Planet will go beyond the "basic room" tutorial that comes with the SimCity Buildit editor and walk you through the basics on creating everything about your city.

Now, if you're the type that enjoys playing mods and cities rather than making them, there's already a burgeoning mod scene for this game. For a free-to-play title, SimCity Buildit will clearly have a long shelf life, given that a community is already growing up around it at an exponential rate. However you can also choose a much more engaging fast pace fun in Clash Royale here. The drawback is that we'll obviously grow tired of the word "simulation" and all of its clever variations. I promise to save you the pain and stop using it now.