Let's Start the Year with a Boom with Boom Beach

In a sense, Boom Beach is a game  that probably should not work knowing that its more like Clash of Clans, but not established yet. In its original form, it was played just like the latter. Recreating that base building gameplay with a similar mostly sounds like a terrible idea. But lo and behold, it wasn’t. And just as it was on Clash of Clans and Hay Day before it, the Boom Beach game version of Supercell brings the heat and takes no prisoners. I think that’s war talk for, “this game is delightful.

Released originally to the iOS devices in 2013 then to Android devices in 2014, Boom Beach is a great game of real-time strategy and war tactics. Controlling a mixture of different troop and units, you take on a variety of missions against enemy basis of typically far greater numbers within the archipelago. Of course, you can also go up against real player bases from any part of the world. It kind of plays like a top-down, 3D version of COC. Because of strong enemy bases, strategy plays a crucial role in the success of your raid or attacks, but the combat is real-time. So you’re not only formulating strategies. You’ll also have to execute them. And of course, you use the touch sensitive screen on your device to do that. By moving it with the screen, you can deploy your units and let them do their thing simultaneously.

I didn’t expect this to make for a very smooth gameplay experience, but I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, other strategy games are way faster than this. But this is a whole new different game with a twist. But you know, as terrific as the gameplay is, what sets apart is its humor, its charm and frankly, its politics. As for the prior, there’s a ton of character packed into these tiny sprites, and Boom Beach goes out of its way to put them through hell. They catch fire, they split in half it’s as violent as mobile devices can offer. Actually, the game was a bit controversial because of that. Speaking of its politics, Boom Beach uses its humor to make some pretty serious statements about war. Boom Beach is a fantastic,addictive and very smart strategy game, and even with a touchpad, it’s highly recommended.